Healthcare is a Right!

Since my opponent was elected to Congress, he has raised over sixty-four million dollars. Year after year he has been rated by Open Secrets as the #1 recipient of health Insurance and Big Pharma lobbying money. This ‘pay for play’ is the reason McCarthy and his fellow Republicans fought Obama Care and have tried to dismantle it year after year. They want to keep healthcare a privilege for those who can afford to pay, not a right for all who need it. This pisses me off!

         In December of 2016, with Trump, President-Elect, McCarthy introduced legislation to dismantle Obama’s Affordable Care Act, even though in his own district, over 212,000 constituents had just acquired healthcare insurance for the first time in their lives under the ACA.

         NPR reported that, “When McCarthy returns later this month to his congressional district, a mostly agricultural region in California’s Central Valley including the city of Bakersfield and Edwards Air Force Base, he is likely to face quite a few confused and frustrated constituents.” That would’ve been true if those constituents had a chance to ever see McCarthy in the flesh. The last time he had held an in-person Town Hall or actually had the doors to his district office unlocked, was in 2009. This district deserves better.

         Ironically, the subject of the Town Hall in 2009 was the Affordable Care Act bill. Over 3000 people attended and voiced their concerns either for or against Obamacare. They listened to McCarthy tout other federally funded healthcare programs, such as SCHIP, that were already in place and insisted that their existence made the ACA  unnecessary. What he didn’t tell them is that he voted against this bill  in 2007 and proudly posted this comment in a media release, “I voted against the recent SCHIP bill in Congress and continue to oppose the bill.” I guess, according to McCarthy, those low-income children didn’t deserve the privilege of healthcare.

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