Things to do in La Grande,Oregon

Mount Emily towers over Grande Ronde Valley and the town of La Grande, the center of the region in northeast Oregon. The city carries historical significance for being on the Oregon Trail that leadsthousands of settlers from the MissouriRiver to valleys in Oregon.

The best time to visit La Grande is from May to October, when you can take advantage of warm and mostly dry weather. However, bear in mind, most visitors come in the summer season so that you could experience some crowds.

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Things to do in La Grande

A small town in the Grande Ronde Valley is an excellent hub for exploring the surrounding Blue Mountains and the valley. One of the premier ways to explore the scenic countryside is on the Grande tour route, 80 miles driving course that will take you from two to four hours depending on the stops. You will see prominent mountain peaks and numerous farms and ranches along the way.

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