December Global Holidays and Festivities

The end of the year comes with a ton of niceties. We are talking about the December global holidays. The last month of the year comes with many holidays spread across many cultures.

It is a time of merrymaking and bonding with close friends and families. As we get closer to the holidays, you will notice a fun aura, noticeable in things like December global holidays songs.

There are several holidays to take part in, as highlighted in this article. The holidays’ listing is from the closest to the farthest.


Starting the festive season is the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah. It comes around the end of November, extending to early December for eight days and nights. Hanukkah also goes by the name, Festival of Lights. This is possibly due to the lighting of candles of a Menorah as the festival proceeds.

You will also spot the Menorah on Google’s doodle. If you are Jewish or have Jewish friends, this is an excellent way to bond and learn more about the Hebrew culture.

The celebrations go down to commemorate the recovery of Jerusalem, an important religious city. 

It is also a chance to try out Jewish cuisine as you enjoy Hanukkah music.

Santa Lucia

Coming on 13th December is Saint Lucy’s or Santa Lucia’s Day. It is a day that commemorates Lucia of Syracuse, a virgin martyr who was a victim of the Great Persecution. It is a widely celebrated day in Europe, mainly in the Scandinavian countries. The martyr is also celebrated in Italy.

Traditions observed in this day include eating whole grains rather than whole bread. Cuccia is a popular food during this celebration. Try checking out for December global holidays prezzo to get a hint of how best to celebrate Santa Lucia’s Day.


A look at December global holiday reviews; you won’t miss a dedication to Christmas, which is easily the biggest festivity in the Christian faith. 25th December is the day to tick, marking the birthday of Jesus.

It is the beginning of a weeklong holiday, as there are several festivities in between, like Boxing Day, which comes a day after.  Then there is Kwanzaa, which goes for a week, starting on 26th until New Year’s Day.  This is the time to grasp December global holidays lyrics to your favorite celebratory tunes to lift your spirits.

New Year’s Day and Eve

The end of the year and the beginning of a new one are culturally significant to many people worldwide. In Japanese culture, New Year’s Eve, known as Omisoka, is a crucial celebration whose magnitude is second to New Year’s.

The countdown is one of the most awaited moments, as people bid goodbye to the year they had.

As a Conclusion

The race to the eagerly awaited December holidays is on course as we wait for the last months to end and welcome a period of festivities. Above are some of the celebrations to take part in to enjoy the final month of the year. It is also an excellent time to meet up with family and friends to appreciate the different cultures around us.

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