Return of Disneyland monorail solves a major visitor issue

It was previously closed due to the ongoing pandemic, and its loss was a major pain point for guests to Disneyland’s hotels and theme parks. Neither the Monorail, which takes guests from the entrance to Downtown Disney to Tomorrowland inside Disneyland Park, or the trams to and from the parking garages have been in operation since Disneyland reopened in April.

After weeks of testing, the aerial train was recently cleared to open as part of Disneyland’s phased reopening plan.

Sometimes referred to as the “highway in the sky,” the monorail traverses the Disneyland compound and provides easy access from the hotels to the park, as well as scenic views of Main Street and Tomorrowland from elevated views. 

The monorail has been in operation since 1959. At the time, was the first monorail operating in the western hemisphere, according to Disneyland’s Director of Public Relations Kelsey Lynch. 

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