Meet Ukraine’s Paralysed Dog

Meet Andriy Kulik and his dog, who he says was paralysed after a shell hit their home. He tries to instill confidence through a routine of walking his pet.

Meet Andriy Kulik and his pet

Who he says was paralyzed after a shell hit their home

The dog was caught in shelling during the conflict, paralyzed and unable to walk. Now Andriy Kulik tries to instill confidence with a routine of walking his pet.

As Ukraine’s conflict with Russia continues, the country is struggling to recover from a series of setbacks. One of these setbacks is that the economy has struggled to recover, with many living in poverty.

Andriy Kulik is one man trying to battle this trend. As well as being an IT specialist, Andriy Kulik also runs a shelter for stray dogs in Kiev. For Kulik, there is no greater love than his pet dog Yasha, who he says saved him when he found him starving on the street near the fighting.

The dog’s life before the accident

Before the accident, Andriy Kulik says his dog loved to run, play, and eat. He would be playing with him on the street or in their yard.

The Ukrainian soldier says it all changed one day when a shell hit the house next door.

“He was very happy and running around like he did every day before that,” Kulik said of the moment he first realized his pet couldn’t walk anymore. “It was hard for me to take care of it.”

Andriy tries to help his pet walk

After a shelling hit his home, Andriy’s dog was left paralyzed and could not walk. He is putting all of his efforts into trying to get the dog back on its feet. With patience, he tries to help the dog walk again through a routine of walking it.

One day, while Andriy went out for some fresh air, he decided to create a routine with his pet to help instill confidence in him. The routine consists of daily walks around the apartment where they live. The walks are always accompanied by singing which is what helped Andriy’s pet once before.

The routine they have now

Every day, Andriy wakes up before dawn to wake up his dog. He makes him walk a few steps so he can get the strength and confidence he needs to live life as normally as possible.

In that time, Andriy walks his paralyzed dog for five minutes, every day. He believes it is important that they continue their routine because they need to instill confidence in each other, and without this routine they would not be able to do so.

The future of Andriy and his dog

Andriy says he had to give up on his dream of being able to walk again with his dog, and now he’s trying to find a new one.

“My dog is still alive but I don’t walk him anymore.”

He has been fostering dogs in an effort to find another one that will be able to help him.

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