10 least stressful jobs for men to have in life

least stressful jobs

The stress of modern life is a force to be reckoned with. The rate of stress-related illness is at an all-time high, with almost one in five Americans saying that they have been diagnosed with stress-related health problems in the past year. The good news is that the job market is getting better all the time, with the number of new least stressful jobs growing by more than 200,000 each year.

The bad news is that the list of the most stressful jobs for men to have in life is long and difficult to navigate. While being an engineer, architect, doctor, or other high-stress profession might make you seem like you’re better equipped to manage outside pressures, the reality is that those jobs are, by and large, the least pleasant.

If you’re looking to step away from the office and end up with a neck or backache, check out the list of the 10 least stressful jobs for men to have in life.

Secret Service Agent                    

You’d likely never know it by looking at the ordinary American, but the job of a Secret Service Agent is one of the most stressful in the entire world. The pressure to succeed in this job, combined with the fact that you don’t get paid very much to do it, can easily turn the average person into a high-strung mess.

The job itself is stressful in part because you have to be ready to take on any job function in order to keep your cover as a Secret Service Agent. You have to be able to cook, clean, handle finances, and do whatever else is necessary in order to perform your job.


The job of a Journalist is the least stressful jobs but not an easy one, but it’s also not the most stressful one, either. The pressure to report responsibly, rather than sensationalize or lie about current events, is what drives many journalists to tears.

The job is also very demanding, both emotionally and physically, as you’re often on the phone, writing news articles, and conducting interviews.

Because of the high stress level and potential danger posed by the job, many Journalist’s burn the candle at both ends in order to be there for their family when they need it the most.

Fitness Instructor

Fitness instructors are in a unique position to help their students avoid being overworked and stressed out. You don’t have to be a fit individual to excel in this profession, as anyone can learn the skills necessary to become a fitness instructor.

You only have to be able to put in the hours necessary to make sure your students are getting their full workout, but you must be able to do so with a heavy heart.

Fitness instructors work with students of all ages and fitness levels, and they often find that working out is one of the least stressful jobs.

Wildlife Conservationist

This is one of the more least stressful jobs out there, and it’s also one that’s perfect for mountain bikers, skiers, and other outdoorsy types. The hours can be very demanding, but the payoff is huge: you get to help out nature by placing animals back into their habitat, and you can do so while instilling a sense of responsibility in your students.

You have to be willing to work long hours and put in the necessary effort to get the job done, but the payoff is worth it.


You might have heard that surgeons spend more time sitting than any other profession, that’s why it’s called least stressful jobs but that’s simply not true. Surgeons work hard, but they also have the ability to relax and enjoy life thanks to the fact that they spend much of their time in an operating room.

As a surgeon, you’ll often be the one putting yourself through painful and uncomfortable rituals in an effort to save other people’s lives. You have to be able to remain focused on your job while dealing with the stress of patients, friends, and family members.


If you’re interested in weather modification or just want to learn more about how the weather affects us, the meteorology job may be for you. There are many roles within the field of meteorology, but the one you’ll likely end up doing is working as a weather reporter.

This is a least stressful jobs and the pay is great, and you can rest easy knowing that your hard work did some good.


Whether you’re a first-time or veteran firefighter, the job of your dreams is just a few short trainings away. The hours can be very demanding, but the payoff is tremendous: you get to make a real difference in people’s lives.

This may be the least stressful jobs job you could have. Firefighters face many challenges, but their ability to remain calm in the face of danger and focus on the job at hand makes them stand out from the crowd.

Cleaning Manager

Cleaning is a job that many people love, but hate in return. The hours are very demanding, and you have to be able to tough it out when cleaning the house, office, or hospital.

But the payoff can be huge if you’re able to get through each day with minimal stress. The ability to take a break and sleep when needed, but still get the job done efficiently, makes cleaning a pleasant chore.

Customer Service Rep

A representative is a tool, not a least stressful jobs title, so it’s important to have one that accurately describes you. Customer Service Reps are an essential part of almost any business, but especially those in a customer-facing position.

You want your representative to be able to answer questions, problem solve, and help you get the most out of your products or service.

Customer Service Reps often have the least administrative responsibilities of any job in a company, but they also handle the most pressure.

Bank counter

Banks are wonderful institutions, but they also tend to be incredibly least stressful jobs to work. That’s why working as a Bank counter is such a great option. You get to handle all types of customers, from the newbie to the veteran, and you can do so while managing your own stress level at the same time.


Stress is a natural and normal part of life, but it’s important to recognize when it’s starting to get out of hand. Luckily, there are ways to reduce stress and stay stress-free, whether at work or at home.

The good news is that the list of the most stressful jobs for men to have in life is very short. The least stressful jobs for men are also some of the most attractive, teaching, and well-paying careers.

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