Tom Cruise – The Life and Times of a Hollywood Star

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise is one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood right now. That doesn’t just mean he’s a great action star, or that he’s a great actor, it means he’s also a reliable source of cash. In the past decade alone, Cruise has emerged as one of the most bankable movie stars in the world. He’s starred in several successful franchises, from the 1988 classic “The Outsiders” to the “Mission: Impossible” series to the “ Jack Ryan” films to the “A Good Day to Die Hard” franchise. But those franchises all have one thing in common – they’re all standalone movies. With the exception of the “Mission: Impossible” franchise, none of them are part of a larger universe. That’s about to change, however, with the release of “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”. The prequel trilogy of “Jack Ryan” movies is going to be rebranded as the “Tom Cruise Movies” franchise. You see, Tom Cruise has signed on to star in the first “Tom Cruise Movies” movie, which will be a spin-off of the “Jack Ryan” series. The Tom Cruise Movies franchise will focus on Cruise’s CIA Agent series, with each film taking place in a separate world and focusing on a separate character. That way,
The Tom Cruise Movies
The Tom Cruise Movies franchise will focus on Cruise’s CIA Agent series, with each film taking place in a separate world and focusing on a separate character. That way, each movie can stand on its own as a “movie” in the same way that a franchise doesn’t have to be a series of films to be counted as a franchise. The first movie, “The Tom Cruise Movies”, stars Cruise as an American CIA operative who is recruited by the British MI6 to work alongside them in the field. The movie is set in Europe, where Cruise is an expert at handling himself in the midst of some of the most dangerous situations imaginable.
Harrison Ford
At the start of his career, Harrison Ford was known for playing supporting characters. After starring in a few hit comedies, he was signed on to play the star, Indiana Jones, in the film Raiders of the Lost Ark. The film became one of the most successful movies of all time, grossing $1 billion worldwide.
Harrison Ford – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
While his first few films were modestly successful, Ford’s subsequent work, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, is arguably his best work. The film, which stars Ford and Clint Eastwood as the titular guerrilla and hit man, grossed $6.2 billion worldwide.
Tom Cruise – A Beautiful Mind
Although it’s a common misconception, Cruise doesn’t come from money. In fact, his childhood was far from perfect, and he grew up in an unstable environment. But through it all, Cruise showed an incredible amount of strength and determination. In 1999, the film A Beautiful Mind came out, and it starred Cruise as John Nash, a brilliant math genius who’s trying to put his immense mind to work solving complex mathematical problems. The film won nine Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director for Aleksander end deiced.
Tom Cruise – Minority Report
In 2002, Tom Cruise starred in the film Minority Report, which focused on a futuristic police force that’s able to predict crimes in progress. The movie was a huge success, grossing $546 million worldwide.
Tom Cruise – Edge of Tomorrow
In 2012, Tom Cruise teamed up with director Doug Liman to make Edge of Tomorrow, a movie about a war between human and aliens. The film follows a group of soldiers who are trying to fight off the aliens, who are arguably a more dangerous species.
Tom Cruise – Contact
In 1997, Tom Cruise starred in Contact, which is about a man who’s trying to contact extraterrestrials for help after his house is invaded by them. The movie received mixed reviews and only managed to gross $22 million against a $40 million budget.
Box Office Returns for Cruise’s Movies
Since 2001, Tom Cruise has had a few hit movies, but they’ve mostly been budgeted at less than $20 million. And yet, the resulting box office returns are pretty lucrative, with The Terminal bringing in $40 million and Valkyrie bringing in $40 million. Even more impressive is the fact that many of Cruise’s recent films had no chance of being profitable. For example, the budget for Valkyrie was just $15 million, and yet, it made $100 million worldwide, making Cruise one of the highest paid actors in the world.
No one ever said being a movie star would be easy. In fact, the job can be extremely challenging, both on and off the set. You have to be nimble-minded and have the patience to put up with the constant production schedule. You also have to be able to put up with the eccentricities of your colleagues. Fortunately, there are plenty of people out there who’ll take a chance on a movie star and make an offer they can’t refuse. In this article, we’ll be looking at the life and times of a famous actor. Let’s take a look at some of the most successful movie stars of all time.
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