How to Recover Hard Drive Data After Formatting/Failure on Windows

It’s difficult to imagine all of a sudden having your entire career’s worth of film land vanish due to external hard drive damage. But what’s indeed worse is that you don’t know how to fix it because it can be complicated.

So, how do you recover data from a hard drive? Before doing anything else, you may need to determine the cause of the data loss. Did you just format your hard drive or delete lines by accident? Or was it the result of computer viruses or malware? Only by identifying the causes can the consequences be discovered.

How to Recover Hard Drive Data

Whether you accidentally deleted important lines or formatted your hard drives, you can recover them using the technical recovery software – iTop Data Recovery. It is the most professional data recovery service that can assist you in recovering all of your data!

Take a look at the main features that make it the fashionable hard drive recovery solution.

Quickly scan and recover data

The iTop Data Recovery is 120 times faster than other tools thanks to its advanced checkup algorithm, and you can recover your important files in a matter of seconds. iTop allows you to recover data from storehouse bias devices such as HDD, SDD, USB, and many others by providing multiple position and train type options. Your hard drive data can be recovered without requiring a full system checkup.

Data Recovery from over 1000 different formats

iTop Data Recovery is the fashionable solution to any data loss problem. Data can be recovered not only from logical damage, such as hard drive formatting and omission, but also from contagion and malware infection. iTop Recovery supports over 1000 file formats, including prints, videos, and music, and can recover all of your data.

High Success Rate

It is a data recovery software guarantees a data recovery success rate of up to 95% based on years of experience. When a hard drive fails, you don’t have to wonder how to recover hard drive data; simply use iTop Recovery Software as soon as possible and you’ll be able to successfully recover your lines.

Reclaiming Reclaimed Bins

How can data be recovered from a hard drive when the lines have been completely removed and there is no hope of finding them in the Recycle Bin? The iTop Recovery tool can assist you in saving the day. By retaining references to all deleted lines on your PC’s hard drive, the software can successfully assist you in recovering hard drive data.

How to Recover Data from a Hard Drive Using iTop Data Recovery

To begin, free download and install iTop on your computer.

Second, decide on your train locations and types. Click “Scan” to begin surveying.

Third, inspect the lines to ensure they can be recovered. Later, you can recover and save your lines.


What is the best way to recover data from a hard drive? It is determined by the type of hard drive damage. Whether you’re dealing with logical or physical damage, the companion can assist you in quickly resolving the issue. Data loss can be infuriating and difficult to manage. But don’t worry,iTop Data Recovery can quickly recover your important lines. It is the most professional data recovery service available, and it can help you recover data from any data loss situation. So don’t put it off any longer; try iTop Data Recovery right now and easily recover all of your data!

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