A Lightweight and Ultra-Portable Screen Recording Tool

There are an almost unlimited number of things that you might want to record on your computer. From tutorials to game plays and even specific software functions, there are plenty of activities that can benefit from being recorded in video.

However, they’re not the most convenient applications to have running at all times. Even if you only record short videos once in a while, having such a heavyweight program running in the background drains your battery faster than you might expect.

The screen recorder has no time limit and doesn’t take up much space on your computer – making it the perfect lightweight alternative for recording anything you need with little hassle.

Record Any Activity on Your Computer

A screen recorder isn’t limited to just recording the screen. You can use it to record activities from your microphone, webcam, and even what’s being spoken in your computer’s audio feed. This makes it ideal for recording tutorials from your own voice, gameplay with audio from your computer’s speakers, or webcam footage of you using specific software functions.

There are some limitations to what you can record, but for the most part, you’re only limited by your own creativity. Make sure to consult your computer’s manual to see what is and isn’t supported by your audio and webcam, and you’ll be able to use a screen recorder to record just about anything.

No Time Limit

You don’t have to worry about setting a recording time limit so you don’t fill up space on your computer. This also means that you don’t have to worry about other limitations that come with saving recordings. Screen Recorder’s approach means you can record something, stop the recording, then start again whenever you need to without having to stop and edit. This makes it easy to record many small things and then stitch them together into one video later.

Ultra-Lightweight Recordings

A screen recorder online usually doesn’t store your recordings anywhere on your computer. Instead, it links to the recordings from their original source on the computer. This keeps your storage space clean and allows you to easily remove recordings from your computer without having to delete them. Because the screen recorder doesn’t store your recordings, you don’t have to worry about recording time limits.

You can record as long as you want, then stop and start as many times as you need. Recording can also be very lightweight depending on what you’re recording. You can record audio alone, a webcam feed alone, or video with both audio and webcam combined – making it easy to control recording time based on what you’re doing.

Portable Screen Recorder

The fact that Screen Recorder doesn’t store your recordings makes it very portable. Screen Recorder doesn’t install on your computer. This means it can be thrown on a flash drive or copied between computers without having to be installed each time. This also means that you don’t have to worry about installing a screen recorder on a computer that multiple people use. You can just load Screen Recorder and start recording. It also means that Screen Recorder won’t clog up your computer’s data storage.


A simple, lightweight screen recording tool will be your best assistant when it comes to screen recording. You can record anything you want, as long as you want, without having to worry about editing, saving, or managing your recordings. The screen recorder Windows 10 provided by iTop is ultra-portable, works with all sorts of computer feeds, and is easy to use. It’s an excellent choice for lightweight screen recording and video editing.

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