Comprehensive interpretation of CCIE Emeritus

What is CCIE Emeritus? How to apply for CCIE Emeritus? Today, we will give you a complete interpretation of CCIE Emeritus and help you understand CCIE Emeritus in detail.

  1. CCIE Emeritus

  With the continuous development and expansion of the CCIE project, the number of CCIE certifications is also increasing. To recognize long-time participants in the program, Learning @Cisco has created a new group for them ——CCIE Emeritus. It also honors long-term CCIE certification holders who stand out from their “day-to-day” technical work and are willing to devote themselves to the work of CCIE ambassadors today and in the future.

  1. Emeritus Application Guidelines

  On the 10th anniversary of CCIE certification, Cisco will notify the CCIE by email of its imminent Emeritus status. CCIE holders who have received the email and wish to join the Emeritus program must complete the relevant application in the CCIE Lab program.

  The applicant fills in the relevant materials as required to apply, and after the application is submitted, it will be further reviewed by Cisco. After a successful audit, Emeritus’ status will be valid for one year from the certification expiration date. CCIEs with Emeritus status are required to review each year and pay the relevant fees (reviews can be applied for three months before the expiration of Emeritus).

  1. Emeritus application process

  After nine years and nine months of holding the CCIE certification, the system automatically sends relevant emails to eligible candidates notifying them that they will be eligible to apply for the Cisco Emeritus program. At the same time, each candidate’s “Emeritus” tab in their CCIE profile will be activated and clickable.

  Step1: The system automatically sends emails to candidates who meet the requirements.

  Step2: Click “Purchase Emeritus” to complete the application and pay the relevant fees.

  Step3: After completing all Emeritus related applications and payments, candidates will receive a confirmation email from Cisco.

  Candidate profiles will not become Emeritus status until the payment process is completed. If the candidate completes all processes before the tenth anniversary, the user’s status will show “Active” or “Recertified”.

  Please Note: Access to CCIE profiles requires a CSCO ID. You also need to use your CSCO ID or registration ID to log in for the first time.

  1. Emeritus application requirements

Complete the entire application process as required

The certification status is CCIE with ten years and “Active” status

$85 annual fee (adjustable year by year)

  1. Emeritus Advantages

The Emeritus logo may be used as permitted by Cisco.

Where the Emeritus logo is not applicable, the word “Emeritus” will appear after the CCIE number.

The CCIE number will always remain, but the classification will change to Emeritus status

Candidates are long-term recognized as technology leaders within the Emeritus program.

Continue to participate in relevant forums, blogs, groups, etc. as Emeritus.

The CCIE status can be changed back to “Active” by passing the CCIE exam.

If you meet the above conditions, you can apply for CCIE Emeritus.

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